Air Conditioning

Comprehensive auto A/C services including inspection for leaks.

Automotive AC Repair

We provide a complete range of automotive air conditioning repair services. Our auto AC repairs and services are comprehensive and include inspection for leaks, loose fittings and worn o-rings, seals, and hoses.  Regular recharging of your AC system’s refrigerant is not necessary, and a low charge typically indicates a system leak.  When refrigerant is low, we’ll find and repair any leaks before recharging.

Certified AC Repair Technicians

All technicians who handle AC repair and services have thorough EPA-approved training that will allow you peace of mind when you bring your vehicle to us with air conditioning problems.


Service Expertise

  • Blower repair
  • Dash vent repair
  • Complete system installation
  • AC diagnostics
  • Retrofits
  • Heater replacement and repairs

A/C Lost Its Cool?

When you choose us for your AC service needs, you will get only the best service possible. Schedule an appointment for an AC evaluation at our Scottsdale Airpark auto repair shop today!