Ensure all four wheels are running parallel and hitting the pavement at the proper angle.

Wheel Alignment

Avoid irregular tire wear, crooked steering wheel, and poor vehicle handling that may result when wheels are not properly aligned. A wheel alignment generally takes about 1 hour or less.

Our technicians place your vehicle on a lift so the wheels can rotate while a computer determines wheel orientation. We then then compare it to manufacturer’s specifications for your vehicle. Wheel balancing can also be done when having a wheel alignment.


Service Expertise

  • Alignment diagnostics
  • Vibration
  • Uneven or wear on tires
  • Passive pulling
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Veering left or right while driving

Wheels Out of Alignment?

Not only are your alignment needs covered, but any auto repair need like general auto repair, brakes, and transmission services. Call us today for all your auto repair needs!