Auto Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ

Auto Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ

Auto Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZAll cars and trucks require routine maintenance to remain in prime operating condition. While many people assume they need to have factory auto maintenance completed at the dealership the truth of the matter is you can rely on Desertmotive to get the job done at a much more affordable cost. To find out what services your car needs you can check your owner's manual or contact us. When we perform auto maintenance in Scottsdale we always use the highest quality parts and fluids, so give us a call the next time your car requires scheduled service.

30/60/90K Maintenance

Most cars and trucks need maintenance checkups every 30,000 miles, which is known as 30/60/90K maintenance. During these appointments we will provide your car with an assortment of services, such as a safety analysis, fluid top off, filter replacement, belt and hose replacement, computer diagnostics and more. These services are often necessary to maintain your new car or extended warranty.

Oil Change

The type of maintenance required most often by any make and model is an oil change. Most vehicles require an oil change and oil filter replacement every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. We can complete any oil change for any car and truck, including those that need a full synthetic oil change.

Timing Belt Replacement

If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt be sure to have it replaced when called for by the owner's manual. Neglecting to have the belt changed could allow for it to snap, resulting in massive engine damage. Most timing belts need to be replaced between 70,000 and 105,000 miles.

Fluid Flush Services

The special fluids used by your vehicle to help it run safely and efficiently need to be drained and refilled from time to time to ensure they're free of harmful contaminants. This service is known as a fluid flush. Most vehicles will require a transmission fluid flush, coolant flush, brake fluid flush and power steering flush at certain mileage points.

Tune Up

Tune Up in Scottsdale, AZWhen your car just doesn't seem to be running right it may benefit from a tune up. Tune ups generally include small, affordable services that help restore performance and fuel efficiency. This may include replacing spark plugs, installing a new air or fuel filter or cleaning the fuel injection unit.

The Desertmotive team strives to keep our customers' cars and trucks running great by always using superior parts and fluids for scheduled services and repairs. When your car is due for any form of auto maintenance in Scottsdale don't hesitate to give us a call at (480) 443-2600. Your car will be running like new when it leaves our shop!


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