Clues for Identifying Alternator Trouble

Clues for Identifying Alternator Trouble

Clues for Identifying Alternator TroubleWhen an alternator is faulty, the battery's power reserve becomes liable to run dry, which could leave you stranded. Not only does your alternator supply power to fire up your engine, it also helps to keep you chugging down the road. Here's a look at six tips on how to identify signs of an alternator problem.

Dashboard Indication

Oftentimes, the first indication of alternator trouble is a dash light turning on that reads ALT or GEN. It's also possible that this light will illuminate in the shape of a little battery. At this first sign of trouble, it'll be worth getting to the shop for diagnostics.

Dead Battery

If your car battery is newish and has died, then you have cause for concern regarding your alternator...unless of course you left your headlights on!

Issues with Electrical Accessories

Alternator trouble could cause problems with electrical accessories such as your radio, power seats, and power windows.

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

It's your alternator that juices up your headlights. If it goes haywire, you could find yourself trying to drive in the dark.


Your alternator plays an important role in keeping your pistons pumping as you cruise along. Should it fail, you could find yourself stalled out and in a difficult situation.

Burning Smell

Various automotive issues can result in a burning odor, with one of the possibilities being alternator belt slippage.

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