6 Tips for Extending Engine Life

6 Tips for Extending Engine Life

6 Tips for Extending Engine LifeYour vehicle's engine is an incredibly complex piece of machinery. By taking certain precautionary measures, you can help get the most life out of your engine. This will decrease the chances that you'll break down, while also maximizing resale value. Here's a look at six ways to extend engine life.

Stay Up to Date with Oil Changes

To help ensure that metal-on-metal contact doesn't damage engine parts, you'll want to always keep current with your oil changes. The right amount of clean oil will also help to maintain a healthy engine temperature. And by having a mechanic change your oil, you could benefit from the identification of a developing engine issue that can then be addressed before it worsens.

New Fuel Filter

To prevent polluted gas from reaching your engine, you should replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles. A clean filter will also help you achieve better gas mileage.

New Air Filter

When a clogged filter prevents an engine from receiving sufficient air, then the engine is liable to burn up more fuel to compensate. This can raise its operating temperature, which can lead to trouble arising.

Don't Drive on Empty

If you let your fuel level get especially low, then there's a greater chance that debris will settle at the bottom of the tank. Then, when you're using the last bit of gas, that debris could be pumped to your engine.

Choose Synthetic Oil

To keep your engine's moving parts optimally protected, synthetic oil is a better option than conventional.

Minimize Short Trips

By taking a number of short trips, your car keeps heating up and cooling down, which makes it more likely for issues to develop. On longer trips, your engine will enjoy running at a healthy temperature without interruption.

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Posted: July 29, 2020

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